What is Lutaralipina?

We are an environmental conservancy group that is working to protect and restore the habitat of the giant freshwater crayfish (Astacopsis gouldi) in northern Tasmania. Our core activities are:

  • Protecting habitat for the giant freshwater crayfish on private land.
  • Engaging local communities to restore streamside habitat.
  • Working to connect streamside reserves and other protected areas to create continuous wildlife corridors.

Lutaralipina is the Tasmanian Aboriginal name for the giant freshwater crayfish.  We have permission from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC) to use this palawa kani word. It is pronounced lu-tah-rah-lee-pee-na.

This is how it should sound.

Lutaralipina pronunciation. Annie Reynolds, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre palawa kani Language Program