Haven’t I seen a different Aboriginal name for the giant freshwater crayfish?

Yes, in the past “tayatea” was reported to be the Aboriginal name for the giant freshwater crayfish. Initially, we were going to call ourselves Tayatea. However, when we asked the TAC for permission to use this word, they set us straight.  Tayatea is not an Aboriginal word in itself, but simply a spelling by a European observer attempting to reproduce the unfamiliar sounds of Aboriginal languages. It also is more likely a representation of a word used for the smaller eastern species of freshwater crayfish (Astacopsis franklinii).

The Indigenous Tasmanian palawa kani word for the giant freshwater crayfish is “lutaralipina” This is how it should sound.

Lutaralipina pronunciation. Annie Reynolds, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre palawa kani Language Program

Thanks to Annie Reynolds from the TAC palawa kani Language Program for providing this information.